Good Intentions

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo and I have posted 17 times.  That’s 55%, if I round up, which of course I did.  To some, posting just over half of the time would be a failure, but this, for me, could not be further from the truth.   I did not set out with any intentions to post each day- although that was something to strive towards.  For me, it was my intention to follow through and participate in this for the entire month.  You see, I always start with good intentions.  I begin a lot of things with gusto and after a few days, maybe a week, tops, I lose interest or get distracted and stop what I was so eager to begin in the first place.  I know this about myself- it’s kinda my thing.

But does it have to be ‘my thing?  I just completed a practice of writing regularly over the course of a month.  I faced criticism and chose to continue writing- even when self-doubt crept in.  This has given me the confidence to follow through in other areas, too.  I am learning that I can choose to do something and sometimes I will get great pleasure from it and continue.  Other times I will discover that I am not getting much from it and decide to stop- or I may decide that while I don’t get much from it, it is still valuable.  It doesn’t really matter.  To me, what matters is the attempt and willingness to try something new.

Going forward, it is my intention to post twice a week, with the acknowledgement that I may post more frequently as I feel compelled.  If you like my blog, please SUBSCRIBE or just hit LIKE on a post.  I sincerely appreciate all of the support and love I’ve received from many of you.  It is so special and something that keeps me on the path of my good intentions.



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