Fiery Red Ahead

My kids lose their temper sometimes.  I wonder where they got it from.  I mean they don’t even have my red hair.

I have always wondered why people say that redheads have tempers.  In the past, I never would have considered a temper as part of my personality but as I get older, I realize I do indeed have one.  But listen, I looked it up and everything and I may actually just be born that way.  There have been studies conducted and it seems that redheaded women are more sensitive. We get colder faster.  We bruise more easily.  In an article in Psychology Today, Jena Pincott discusses the studies and the genetics of redheads.  It doesn’t flat out say that I can rationalize my temper to my hair color, but it’s definitely something I want to consider.  Is it possible that I am genetically more sensitive and therefore piss off more easily?

Medically-explained or not, I still strive to deepen my understanding of myself and when I find myself losing my temper, I have been working on ways to find peace.  Today, for example, there were many frustrating moments, but I really tried to pay attention and find gratitude, humor or frankly, a distraction to combat my fiery ways.  I tried to find gratitude in the beautiful weather we had, and that at one point, I was enjoying listening to the 70’s/80’s cover band playing at the festival next to the park while the kids were playing.  I was starting to lose my cool because of the constant stream of reports by one about the other’s behavior.  Frankly, it was interrupting my ability to hear a cover of Journey’s, “Just the Same Way (You Love Me)”.  My solution?  Play air guitar with the inflatable sword the kids won, and sing along, out loud.  My son just stared at me for a minute, then walked away.

I could blame it on my red hair, but I don’t think they found that redheads were genetically any sillier.  That might just be me.

*I am participating in BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo for August and I used their prompt for Tuesday, August 20, 2013, “Would you describe yourself as having a temper?”


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  1. I think your approach to controlling your temper is totally sensible. And the air guitar playing is hilarious!

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