A Wish for My Friend on a Tough Day

Imagine applying for your dream job when you are a kid and waiting your whole life to  finally get it.  That’s what becoming a mom was like for her.  And now that her baby is starting school next week, it feels like she just got laid off- or at least a significant cut in hours.  She knows that she will find a new job, maybe even a great job, but not the one she really wants.  And when she called this morning to cry, I just listened and wished I could have kissed away her tears.  She didn’t need advice, although she knows me well enough to expect some anyway, she just needed to be heard and for someone to understand.  And I am humbled and grateful that she chose my number to dial.

In case I didn’t say it on the phone, you are an amazing woman.  What I love the most about you is the way you love fully, with your whole heart.  That little family you made is a testimony of your beauty and grace.  Be kind and gentle with yourself as you move through the next few days, even weeks.  The right thing will find you if you let it.  Give others the right to their own feelings on the subject, but don’t lose sight of your own needs and give them away.

And if all else fails, and you are still stuck in the muck and mud, remember that time I set my arm on fire in the dorm.  At least I can make you laugh.


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