Today You Are A Man. Here’s Your Baby Blanket. It’s Almost Finished.

baby blanket

The little one turned three last week.  I have yet to finish his baby blanket.

When I found out I was pregnant, I went to my favorite local yarn shop, Jennifer Knits, to pick up the ingredients for the perfect baby blanket. I didn’t yet know the sex of the baby so, just like I did with the big one’s blanket, I picked neutral colors. Pastels in yellow, green and a mixed yarn… soft, pure cotton, Italian. Yum. With both boys’ blankets, I decided to make my own pattern since it really was going to be a large square/rectangle and I find that to be great way to liberate my creativity.  Just like most things I do (see dates between this and last blog post), I start with feverish energy and after the buzz wears off, I settle back into procrastination, and this blanket was merely the newest example.  I had finished exactly one section and lost my enthusiasm for the project.  It sat for several weeks on the coffee table in a knitting bag.  Occasionally I would pick it up and knit a row or two but really, I was over it and onto the next thing.

I could easily blame this on being pregnant, working full time and having a toddler.  I could tell you that I was just so busy and tired that I kept putting it off, thinking I had more time and you would believe me.  But it’s all a lie to make myself feel less guilty about the fact that given a choice of doing nothing and ANYTHING else, I will almost always choose nothing.  I love to lie on the couch, relaxing.  Me and my remote watching nothing of any value, munching on Goldfish crackers and thinking about things that I should be doing.  So, when I am pregnant, working full time and have another child, if I get a minute to do NOTHING, I will, even if that means having my mother ask me (more than once in the past three years), “Did you ever finish his baby blanket?”  No, I’m now committed to having it done in time for his Bar Mitzvah.  I just bought 10 more years and I think that earns me a little break, right?  I think a new season of The Rachel Zoe Project is starting soon.



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3 responses to “Today You Are A Man. Here’s Your Baby Blanket. It’s Almost Finished.

  1. hey freckles, buy yourself more time and give it to him for his own son in about 25 years. and p.s. – i bet rachel zoe didn’t knit a blanket for her kid either! mazel

  2. Heather

    Please email me! I have a question about your blog! 🙂

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